Rochester Teen Court is a diversion program operated through the City Court of Rochester for young adults who have committed first-time, non-violent crimes.  Defendants whose cases are transferred to Rochester Teen Court have a disposition of their criminal charges by teen peers acting as prosecutors, defense counsel, court personnel and jurors. A sitting City of Rochester Court judge preside over the proceedings, and teen jurors recommend sentencing.

Rochester Teen Court is designed to: Provide Education to youth about the judicial process, promote Accountability for actions, and reinforce responsibility to society through community Service and educational sentencing.

Learn more about Teen Court from the attached Rochester Teen Court Brochure and from the Rochester Teen Court Fact Sheet.


The New York Bar Foundation presented a check to Rochester Teen Court at the Center for Youth’s March 26th, 2012 board meeting. Thanks to the Foundation for recognizing the potential of this program! From left to right: Wende Knapp, Esq. (Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP); Jennifer Lunsford, Esq. (Segar and Sciortino); David Schraver, Esq. (Nixon Peabody LLP); Elaine Spaull (Center for Youth); Jimmy Paulino, Esq. (Faraci Lange LLP).NYBF_pres.jpg