Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at The Center for Youth. 
We are pleased that you are considering us!

Here is a list of current openings:

***Crisis Intervention/Prevention Specialist (12/8/17)

The pay range is $15-$19/hr based on education and experience. 

Description: As noted above, the emphasis of the 6-12 school model will be on prevention education, immediate crisis response and professional development.  The lead staff person at this site will be a Crisis Intervention/Prevention Specialist, trained to deliver a variety of best-practice and research-based services (i.e., groups, workshops, curricula), with a focus on the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS).  All students in the school are accountable with support to behave in ways that positively affect them personally, academically, socially, and from a health perspective.  All services provided by the Center for Youth can easily be woven into this system.

With a dedicated Crisis Intervention/Prevention Specialist, the needs of the teachers and the administration will also be more easily met.  The assessment of needs, the training of teachers, and the planned duplication between the research-based best practices and the classroom learning will be a much smoother process.  The dedicated Crisis Intervention/Prevention Specialist will also be able to access additional resources from The Center for Youth once the needs of the school are clearly defined.

The Crisis Intervention/Prevention Specialist as part of a support services team, works to create a youth/family/faculty friendly presence within the school that is founded on cooperative relationships and direct communication.  The Program Manager is able to provide the full continuum of care; The specific areas of focus are prevention education, immediate crisis response services and the professional development. 

Note: This is a full-time, 11-month position.  Routine work hours overlap to the school day (before and after school).  Special events or projects may take place during the early evenings and/or on a weekend.

Requirements: A Bachelors Degree in a Human Service or related field and 1-3 years of related experience or equivalent combination. Note: A Master Degree, advanced training and/or certification in areas directly related to the skills required preferred.

***Crisis Nursery Program Manager (11/30/17)

The pay range is $36,000 - $40,000 based on education and experience.

Description: The Crisis Nursery Program Manager is responsible for operation and programming at The Crisis Nursery, to provide a caring living environment for the children and families being served. The Manager’s duties are a combination of direct service and monitoring of clients, supervision of staff, volunteers and interns, and a variety of administrative responsibilities. Furthermore, the Manager is responsible for mentoring and coaching full-time, part-time, and relief Child Care staff, as well as up to 50 volunteers, on their roles and duties.  This is a full-time, twelve (12) month position. 

The Crisis Nursery Program Manager also participates in the On-Call RHY Supervisor rotation (for 1 week, every 5-6 weeks).  This emergency response system is intended to provide after-hours and weekend support to the RHY programs.  

Requirements: A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in human services, education or a related field; and (3) three years experience or an equivalent combination of education, employment and life experience.  A Master degree is preferred.


***Director of Quality Assurance and Staff Development (11/20/17)

The pay range is $55,000 - $62,000 based on education and experience.

Description: This is a full time position responsible for supporting all aspects of the agency’s key program initiatives (Counseling, RHY, School-based Programs, Prevention Education, Program Volunteer and Employment Readiness). The Director oversees the report schedule to see that reports and grants are completed with high quality and submitted on time. the  is also responsible for scheduling/coordinating the weekly Staff Training calendar to include mandated trainings, CPP/CASAC accredited trainings, monthly All-staff meetings, special activity dates, new staff orientation and other trainings of high interest.  The position also connects with the Director of Development as well as the facilities team as needed.

This position assists with the coordination of all program meetings (Program Committee, Program Management, Quality Assurance and School Systems); works closely with the Program Directors and Coordinators on program report generation including data management (i.e., collection, reporting, research, and evaluation); and, as requested, leads special projects, develops specialized reports, statistical analysis and research regarding programs and services. In addition, the position serves as the convener on special projects that involve community engagement by youth, strategic planning by all stakeholders, facility management and infrastructure and capacity building. 

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree with three-five years of experience in a related field; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 


***After Hours Program Manager (10/30/17)

Overnight hours: Sunday-Wednesday:  11pm-7am, Friday: 12am-7am (overnight from Thursday-Friday) Additional daytime hours: 2 Tuesdays a month 2pm-3:30pm, All Wednesdays 3-4pm

It is a standard 35 hour work week with an additional 1.5 hours two weeks out of the month.

The pay range is $18.25-$20.75/hr based on education and experience. 

Description: The Center assures 24-hour access to all its counseling, residential and crisis services, including Prevention Counseling, Street Outreach, Crisis Nursery, Emergency Shelter, Transitional Living and Maternity Group Home Programs.  The After Hours Manager will provide immediate response to crisis situations where staff need additional supports and supervision.  This position will also provide training to staff with non-traditional hours.  As part of a critical Management and Leadership Team, the After Hours Manager will provide valuable feedback and input to how to ensure best practices and services are provided at all times throughout the Prevention Counseling & RHY Services Continuum.  This position is full-time and requires driving of an agency vehicle and the ability to work mostly overnight shifts with some flexibility for day-time leadership meetings.

Requirements: Bachelors Degree in a Human Services related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

***Community Based Counselor (10/30/17)

The hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm. The pay range is $15-$19/hr based on education and experience. 

Description: The Community Based Counselor is responsible for providing on-going individual and family counseling to youth/families seeking Center services. The Community Based Counselor will complete the comprehensive assessment begun by the triage/intake counselor.  This assessment includes identifying any issues related to substance use/abuse, problem gambling and other risk factors that inhibit healthy youth development.  An Individualized Service Plan is developed and implemented based upon the assessment and goals identified by the youth, including appropriate prevention activities.  Community Counselors then provide short-term counseling and activities that focus on resolving identified problems and/or assessing and improving the level of youth and family risk and protective factors that are predictive of substance abuse and/or problem gambling.

Community Based Counselors also provide crisis intervention, and case management, as well as, family counseling and information and referral services, as needed. The average caseload of a Community Based Counselor is 15/20 cases.

The Community Based Counselor may at times be asked to assist with Intake/Triage responsibilities and to handle crisis phone calls usually in the mornings, from 10 to 1.  S/he is additionally responsible for providing community outreach and networking with other agencies/providers to coordinate services for their clients. The Community Based Counselors are part of a larger team of Counselors who are crossed trained in youth and family group facilitation and Housing Case Management. 

All Counselors are required to rotate after-hours coverage and occasionally work on weekend and evening hours.  This is a full-time, 12 month position.  

Requirements: A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in human services, education or a related field; and 2 years experience or an equivalent combination of education, employment and life experience. Bilingual (Spanish/English) is preferred. 

Note: A Master’s Degree, CPP/ICPS/CASAC, advanced training in chemical dependency prevention- related areas is preferred. If candidates do not possess related certification, expectation is that active pursuit of these certifications will occur at the time of employment.


***Director of Finance (10/11/17)

The pay range is $58,000 - $68,000 per year. 

Description: The Director of Finance is the Chief Financial Officer at The Center for Youth and is responsible for the oversight and supervision of all the financial and fiscal operations at The Center. The Director takes the lead responsibility for budget projection, development and management and provides oversight and supervision for the agency's financial management operations, procedures and controls and works closely with the Audit and Finance Committee of the Board of Directors.  This position is responsible for the oversight of transmission and reconciliation of employee payroll, required payroll reporting to outside agencies, and yearly audits.  S/he ensures the effective management of cash flow.  This position is a member of the senior Management Team and is involved with agency policies and procedures that impact the revenue and fiscal health of the organization.  This position provides leadership in the planning of new initiatives and the maintenance of current functions. S/he also assumes all of these responsibilities for CYS Properties, Inc. a subsidiary of The Center for Youth Services, Inc.  This position is also responsible for managing the agency's Management Information System (IT), data collection, reporting, research and evaluation functions. As requested, the Director develops specialized statistical reports, statistical analysis, and research regarding programs, services and operations.  This position is supervised by the Executive Director.  

Requirements: MBA or MPA preferred, with a strong emphasis in Accounting and Finance.  Requires 8 years related experience in a position with comparable administrative duties, including experience in strategic financial planning, government grants and a proactive review of the agency fiscal strength.


***Chrysalis House On-Site/Live-In Support (9/20/17)

Description: The Evening/Weekend Support Person will reside in a third-floor apartment at the maternity group home, Chrysalis House, and be available to provide support and supervision to Chrysalis House residential clients from 10pm-8am five days a week including holidays and weekends. This is a (12) twelve month position. Some of the primary duties include performing apartment and curfew checks and responding to client’s “after-hours” needs/emergencies.

Compensation for this position is a combination of rent, utilities and minimum hourly wage.

Requirements: A minimum of Associates degree in human services, education or a related field; and 1 year experience or an equivalent combination of education, employment and life experience.

The Center for Youth provides equal opportunities for employment regardless of race, gender, color, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability.