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SafePlace Training

The Center for Youth will hold a Safe Place Training Session. Trainings will be held on Tuesday, Jan 6 and Tuesday, Jan 13. at the Center for Youth Offices, 905 Monroe Ave. 6:00pm-9:00pm. Registration is required. Please call 473-2464 to register.


The Center for Youth Services is a local not-for-profit organization that provides many services to runaway and homeless youth in Monroe County. The Centers’ mission is to provide services to youth on their terms. The Center provides free, voluntary services including individual/family counseling, emergency shelter, independent living, after school-based programs and street outreach. Most recently the Center partnered with National Safe Place and began a community initiative for youth in Monroe County that may be experiencing a crisis.

Safe Place is a program that exists in over 750 communities nation wide, including Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Here in Rochester, The Center for Youth is charged with coordinating the program and monitoring the safe place sites. The Center is looking for help from the community to keep this program going. In the Rochester area, all recreation centers, NET offices, YMCAs, and RTS buses, along with Tops Friendly Markets, McDonalds, and some privately owned businesses are trained and registered Safe Place sites. A youth in crisis can go to these Safe Place sites and ask an employee for help. The Safe Place site employees are trained to follow procedures that include a call to The Center for Youth. The Center will send 2 volunteer responders to the site to talk with the youth and get them help.

The responsibility of a Safe Place Responder would be to meet with the youth at the Safe Place site and find out what their current needs are. If the youth is afraid to go home and has runaway or been kicked out of their home you would bring them to The Center’s Emergency Shelter or another area shelter. If the youth is lost or has no way to get home then you would call the parents and arrange for them to get their child. Safe Place Responders travel in pairs therefore you would be assigned a partner and would travel together. The youth is included in decision making process and all services are voluntary. Safe Place Responders would report back to the agency/program manager in the form of paperwork and phone communication. Client follow-up will be handled by agency personnel.

As part of the Safe Place team, you would receive the proper training and instruction to respond appropriately. You would be “on call” as a responder for one week at a time, from 5:30pm until 8:00am the next morning (Monday through Thursday). On Friday you would be on call from 5:30pm until Monday at 8:00am. This means that you should have access to reliable vehicle. In addition Safe Place Responders should be able to respond within 30 minutes to a phone call from the agency indicating which Safe Place Site has been activated by a youth in crisis. Prior to assigned week you would be informed who your partner would be so that driving arrangements could be made ahead of time. Responders are on-call approximately once every two months. We will work with you in order to schedule you during weeks that best fit your schedule.

We are looking for responders that are caring and enthusiastic about helping youth. To be a responder you must be at least 18 years of age and have access to a reliable vehicle. Additionally, you must have a valid driver’s license and required level of insurance. We also ask that you be available for the trainings and instructions on how to be a Safe Place responder. We hope to hear from you and appreciate the time you took to learn more about Safe Place! To find out more about Safe Place please go to the National Safe Place website at

Requirements: Again, we ask that you be 18 years of age, have a valid driver's license, the proper insurance, and a reliable vehicle. We will provide a total of 6hrs of training and will be happy to work with you on a schedule that fits best.

Kathy Cummins
Volunteer Coordinator
The Center for Youth
905 Monroe Ave.
Rochester, NY 14620